Cornus amomum

Silky Dogwood




  • native to the eastern United States
  • zone 4

Habit and Form

  • a deciduous tree
  • rounded habit
  • multistemmed
  • 6' to 10' tall
  • width is similar to height
  • coarse texture
  • fast growth rate

Summer Foliage

  • opposite leaf arrangement
  • simple, deciduous leaves
  • elliptic leaf shape
  • 2" to 4" long by up to 2" wide
  • rounded leaf base
  • wavy leaf margins
  • pubescent petioles and veins
  • medium green leaf color

Autumn Foliage

  • no fall color
  • leaves change from green to brown


  • creamy, white flowers
  • flowering occurs in late May and early June
  • flowers borne in cymes, 1.5" across to 2.5"


  • blue drupe
  • 0.25" across
  • favorite or birds
  • showy


  • brown to maroon bark color
  • fissures
  • slender stems with pubescence


  • readily transplanted
  • prefers moist, fertile soil
  • full sun to partial shade

Landscape Use

  • wet sites
  • naturalized areas
  • massing or grouping
  • border
  • difficult sites


  • scale
  • can look unkempt

ID Features

  • a deciduous shrub
  • flower buds are terminal, hairy and valvate
  • vegetative buds are pubescent, appressed and valvate
  • flat clusters of small white flowers in late spring
  • smooth reddish-brown bark on young branches


  • by seed
  • by cuttings


  • none are commonly available

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